online visit

Due to the epidemiological situation, while implementing the recommendations of the GIS, the National Health Fund and the Minister of Health of the sanitary services of the Republic of Poland, we were forced to suspend the planned medical activities of our facilities. However, in order to meet your expectations regarding the provision of continuous, comprehensive and easily accessible professional care, we launch e-consultations.
These are paid advice, during which the doctor of your choice will contact you by phone during the office hours so far – note the phone number may not be visible, please answer the phone while waiting for contact!
During the e-visit, interviews will be collected, additional tests will be assessed (you will be able to send them earlier to a specially activated e-mail account:,), and if necessary, he will also ask you to perform a few simple steps that will enable him to make an initial assessment of the clinical situation.
During the e-consultation, electronic prescriptions will be issued (for their implementation at the pharmacy, you need a PESEL number and the code received from the doctor – please write it down and keep it until the prescription is filled; we strongly encourage you to create an account at pl /, then the number provided by you during registration will be sent automatically by the SMS IT system with the prescription code.
It is possible to issue an e-certificate during the e-visit, if the doctor decides that there are medical indications for this.
Documentation of the e-visit is kept in a typical manner, in the system maintained so far and is available on the current terms.